11 Ocak 2011 Salı

İstanbul Kazandı

ABD'nin saygın gazetelerinden New York Times (NYT), okurlarının 2010 yılında en fazla görmek istediği yerin İstanbul olduğunu duyurdu. Monica Drake imzasıyla Aralık ayında yayınlanan yazıda ‘Bu yıl nereye gitmek istiyorsunuz?’ sorusuna en çok tarihi mekânlarının, insanlarının ve kültürünün büyük rol oynadığı ‘İstanbul’ cevabının verildiğini açıklandı.

And the Winner Is…Istanbul
In early 2010, as our readers were no doubt whittling down their list of New Year’s resolutions, we asked them a question that is a bit more fun to contemplate: where do you want to travel this year? The question, in a multimedia presentation, accompanied our 2010 Places to Go issue. Now that we are putting the finishing touches on our 2011 list, voting is officially closed, and we can unveil the winner for 2010: Istanbul, by a landslide.  The readers who recommended Istanbul repeated some themes. Alan of New York, Peter of Istanbul and others mentioned the history. “What you see here today literally spans the centuries (and millenniums), in terms of the stones beneath your feet and cultures,” Peter wrote. Several other readers mentioned the people and the culture. Other popular choices among readers included Colombia, Seoul, Costa Rica and New York. Next week, when we publish our Places to Go list for 2011, readers will be able to submit their own  recommendations, as well as pictures and comments, online again.

Source:NY Times